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Temecula Elder Placement Agency (2022)

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Barbara: Welcome back to Takacs' and McGinnis' elder care law hour. I'm Barbara Mcginnis, and in today's episode we're back talking about care issues, care for chronically ill, disabled, or elderly people. Specifically, we want to talk about how do we provide resources if you're the caregiver, providing care with your own hands or if you're just coordinating care.

Tim: - And I'm Tim Takacs, and in this segment, we're discussing placement for your loved ones when living at home is no longer possible or safe and joining us as a very tenured senior living advisor and health care account executive with A Place for Mom, Glenda Jordan. Welcome. Welcome, Glenda.

Glenda: Thank you.

Tim: So what is a place for mom?

Glenda: A place for mom is a national company where a free senior living referral service in Temecula CA. We were founded 18 years ago because amily struggle with the maze of senior housing options and we bring real love advisers to walk alongside them and help them. Our name says "A Place for Mom" but we help dads too, and aunts and uncles, and all just anybody who comes to us kind of 55 and up. We've even had cases where we've had an elderly parent who's a caregiver for an adult child and placed both of them at the same time, so there's no limit to how we can help.

Time: Gotcha.

Barbara: So how does it work start to finish?

Glenda: Okay, one of the things we've learned in our many, many years of doing this and speaking with tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands by now in these 18 years, is families need somebody to walk alongside them to hold their hand and help them kind of figure out what they need. And so, when they're beginning the process so they don't always know what they need that they may think all they know is nursing home. So, we handhold, we talk to them about you know, what the care needs are, what the budget is, where the - what the location preference is, and our knowledgeable advisers kind of then put together a plan of communities that they could that they refer them to that fit the care needs, the budget, the location, and the advisers have an insider knowledge of the communities. There are so many senior living communities out there in Temecula.

Barbara: Right.

Glenda: - And each of them have different demographics, different cost, different pluses and minuses and things, and it's that insider knowledge and kind of ability to kind of decipher what level of care of this family needs and what's affordable, and then they narrow that down.

Tim: So you're looking for the right fit for this person, and this and with the provider -.

Glenda: Absolutely, yes.

Tim: That's kind of that's - I guess, that would be a successful -.

Glenda: Yes.

Tim: I guess we're honorable

Glenda: But we're unbiased so we don't we can't we don't give them just one. We want to give them ones that fit, but we narrow down and we'll talk about that in more detail later.

Tim: Sure. which type of care providers does A Place to Mom refer to?

Glenda: Well-assisted living, but also independent living and independent living that are just without services. Simple independent living kind of 50 and up, but maybe no meals or things. But then independent living that have meals, housekeeping, transportation at all, and then the assistant and then memory care communities that have specialized in dementia and Alzheimer's and all but also licensed small group homes, those are very hard to find and there's thousands and thousands of them across the country, more out west than here in Tennessee. But still we have a number of them, and then we also do help fund the private duty companies, so we work with private duty companies and can help if they want to be at home, still for a while.

Barbara: Well, because sometimes there's not availability always right, and so you're probably having to bring in care in the home to bridge again -.

Glenda: Sometimes.

Barbara: - Until there is availability.

Glenda: And one of the special things is that the advisers really know truly at a moment's notice, availability, reputation, cost. and so they - if it's an immediate placement need, then we know immediately where we can send them. If somebody's looking ahead, then that gives a little more time

Barbara: Because you know frequently, I run across families who do not seem to understand the difference between the levels of care and so you would help them make sure that they're going to the right level of care.

Glenda: One of our special specialties is that knowledge that our advisers over 55% of them have been caregivers themselves and or worked in an environment with caregiving. A lot of them have worked at senior communities. We have like huge percentages of our advisers have walked this walk themselves and they know what's going on, but then they take that knowledge of the levels of care and help the families kinda decipher when they call. They may say I need a nursing home, and they're not at all appropriate care-wise for a nursing home, and we help them understand the other levels they could be in that would save them money and get them in a less restrictive and more enjoyable environment.

Tim: So we're relying on a Google search is really not a way to go here, is it?

Glenda: No. We are so much more than a Google search. It is amazing that the things we bring to a family, they have a real life adviser. That's their adviser through the whole process and never leave them and then many times they come back to us for a different family member, so we established a relationship with them. We give them a caregivers tool kit that has you know. We don't - "How do I, what do I know when I'm going to these communities, how do I know what to look for and what to ask?". So they get like a tool kit of questions to ask things to look for. They have - they get educational articles from us, everything from - "How do I take the keys away to how do I deal, how do I deal with mom's sundowning?". You know that right, when the autonomous patient just gets worse, so just incredible education articles. Each family has a personalized my search page, so if they have access to the internet, they have a page that they can open up and it gives them pictures. It gives them reviews of the communities from families who've lived there or been there.

It's just amazing. All the things we bring to a family as well as setting up tours for them and the appointments. It's so - we're so much more than a Google search, and the thing is, when they talk to us, they're like - "I can't believe how much I learned from you in just this first conversation", and we get we love our jobs. We get called angels. They say - "I never could have found this without you". I don't know how.

Barbara: So how do you go about monitoring the communities to make sure that there's you know.

Glenda: Yes. We only work with licensed communities in Riverside. We make sure that they're in good standing with the state. We are in the US and Canada, so with the state or province where they are.

Tim: So there's more than one Place for Mom rather than just middle Tennessee is what you're saying.

Glenda: Yes, from national company, we have over 400 local advisers. Heavy, heavy in the metropolitan areas, but we do cover the whole US, so even if somebody needed something in a city where we don't have a local adviser, the advisers are knowledgeable about the communities everywhere, so they may not have seen that community personally, but many of them are parts of bigger organizations, and so we can know what they're like based on what the sister buildings like. But also we have detailed profiles on all the communities, details of pricing, the amenities, things like that.

Barbara: Survey results, licensing results.

Glenda: Yes, we stay on top of that twice a year. We kind of do an update on that, so we're very - and then the local advisers also kind of know day to day what's going on with the communities -.

Barbara: Turn over an administration.

Glenda: Yes, and that's that insider local knowledge we bring.

Tim: Well, it sounds like this must be very expensive to hire your company.

Glenda: It's not. It's so great because we're free. Our help to the families is free. It's a wonderful thing,

Tim: So how do you get paid. So I mean that nothing is free.

Glenda: Absolutely. You're right. We are paid by the partner communities. We work with across the nation over 20 000 communities who want to partner with us and so are - no matter what we do with the families, they're never charged for help by contract by law. They can't be charged for our help. We only get paid if we move them into a partner community, and so but they can't be charged anything, and so it is a wonderful thing that we can be free to those families. So knowledgeable, unbiased, and yet had that ability to still be paid in some way.

Barbara: So if they contact, if you're got contacted and -.

Tim: We're gonna put your contact information up now.

Glenda: Okay.

Barbara: - And there's no obligation, then they can still call you and get information, and you're just providing information, right?

Glenda: Right.

Tim: Right.

Barbara: Okay, great. A place for mom (615) 295-6510 gets a local adviser.

Glenda: That gets me, and I'm the one who's been with them over 12 years and I can get them help anywhere in the country because I do have contacts all over the country.

Barbara: Right.

Glenda: Right. Because I've been with them so long.

Barbara: Well, that's wonderful. Thanks, Glenda for all this information, and I guess we can go visit you on your website too and get some of those toolkit types of information.

Glenda: Yes.

Barbara: We'll be back after this break and we'll talk about "How to help your loved one move?".

Tim: Stay with us.

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