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Starting A Health Care Consultation Business (2022)

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Speaker 1: My experience with 21st Century for the past year has been phenomenal.

Speaker 2: Going through the Re accreditation process and went through our second one, we barely had a little bit of a plan of correction. We did wonderful and just feel like we know the business a lot better with 21st Century by our side.

Speaker 3: Our agency is doing well. We are up for Re-accreditation, and of course, we're still affiliated with 21st century. They're like family now. I don't think we can move forward without them.

Speaker 4: I have a confidence knowing that we've got a backbone with 21st Century, the templates and the policies and procedures, and honestly, just somebody to be able to call and help with things. Like I'd mentioned, where I'd come from, a large corporate company, and that stuff was there. They had departments 21st Century plays the role of those departments.

Speaker 5: I think having the 21st Century as a consultant is almost like a real partnership, very easy to contact for questions, and you have your answers at your fingertips, which is nice. It beats having to really dig through. Medicare is so complex. A lot of times you're digging for answers and you can't find them right away. And 21st Century has really been able to help with locating those answers quick.

Speaker 6: Like 21 Century has really moved me from zero to 99.9. Nobody's perfect. But I will tell you, because in the beginning I was really strongly like, how am I going to get patient? How am I going to get into all this insurance? But they put it on for themselves to walk me through everything. And it was easy, like writing.

Speaker 7: And they told us how to do marketing, they told us how to retain clients. They told us how to make the customers happy so that we keep getting referrals. So there's just a plethora of things that they told us that have made a difference for us today.

Speaker 8: Without the advice that they gave, without the different documentation that they allowed us to use to help us establish this business as fast as we did. So I don't know how we would have done it without 21st Century. And I'm just thankful that they were there well.

Speaker 9: Again, I think 21st Century is more like a partnership, so very knowledgeable about the industry, so it makes it with ease to open your own. They have all of those roundabout ways, how to go forward with the procedures. So it just makes everything much easier, more efficient.

Speaker 10: You can do without. You're just not going to be near as good, I can tell you. And if you're even debating at this point, there's no question they are the best in the industry, the most compassionate. And if you want to succeed, if you want to grow, if you want to be the best in the industry, you need to use them.

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