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Requirements To Start A Health Care Consulting Firm (2022)

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Hello and welcome to another segment of ASKL where I feature your nurse and healthcare consulting questions here on the show to help provide you with clarity about the healthcare consulting industry. So this week, I'm gonna feature another question from our Nurse Consultant Mastermind Group on Facebook and this comes from Katrice.

Katrice is an aspiring nurse consultant, and she writes what are the educational requirements to become a nurse consultant. And so Katrice, thank you for submitting your question inside our Nurse Consultant Mastermind community when it comes to the educational requirements. If you are starting your own independent nurse consulting practice, you don't have to have any specific credentials to start your business. If you want to go into the consulting industry, you really have to have the expertise and the knowledge base to be able to solve problems for your ideal client. So if you have a BSN or MSN or PhD, all those things are great. But even with all the credentials behind your name, it still doesn't mean that you're able to help your ideal client achieve the outcomes that they need. What really does take you to do all those things is the confidence and the experience. So those are really when it comes to the education, do you have really the experience to back up the results that you can bring? And a lot of times you can transform your experience into case studies if you're a new consultant to show that to those you want to do business with to show them. Okay, here's the problem. Where before I came in, this was the issue at hand. And at the end of the day, after the implementation of my results, this is a solution that I was able to help this organization achieve. And so that's really what clients want to see. And you'll notice when you start to do business, there really is no lead or prospect that asks for your credentials or your resume. Typically, people will ask you for your resume when they're looking to hire you as an employee, not in a partnership, as an external consultant. When you're going to be helping them through a partnership, it's very different. And so if you're wanting to go into business for yourself, there is no educational requirement. Now, I will say this, Katrice, if you want to go back to school and obtain additional credentials to help support your knowledge base and monetize it, then I absolutely commend you. Absolutely go for that. Do that. So let's say, for example, there's a certification that will help you expand your knowledge to help you get even more results for your clientele. Then go for it. Get those credentials, but just make sure you flip it and monetize it so you can be able to help your clientele get even more results. As far as additional degrees, it's totally up to you if you want to go back to school to pursue a higher education, but it's not a requirement to pursue consulting now I said this before if you want to be hired as an employed consultant then there probably most likely will be job qualifications that they will require you to have and it may be an advanced degree, it may be a list of certifications, so the requirements for a job are different opposed if you are an entrepreneur working for yourself.

Well Katrice, I hope that answers your question. For any of you who have questions in regards to your nurse or healthcare consulting business, feel free to drop your comments below. If you're watching on YouTube and just put hashtag S.L or if you're inside of our nurse consultant mastermind community on Facebook, be sure to submit your questions there. Just put in hashtag S.L and I will be delighted to feature your questions. You guys have a very prosperous workday. Take care.

Did you find that video informative? Well, I've created some amazing resources for healthcare professionals just like you who know your work and you're ready to be compensated for your expertise. So head over to the and learn about the many resources to start your consulting practice inside of the healthcare consulting academy. I'll see you in the next video. Take care.

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