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Life Changes Elder Care Consulting - Dee Childers (2022)

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Dee: Hello, Iím Dee Childers with Life Changes Care Consulting, and my goal is to provide you some relief support expertise and a pair of hands. Life changes is a company that I established a year ago to help others go through the same process that I went through with my parents. My father has Alzheimer's and lives in assisted living. My mother has mild cognitive impairment in many physical conditions, and when this whole experience, that - was just thrust upon me. I was overwhelmed as I'm guessing you might be feeling overwhelmed right now. My background is a Marriage and Family Therapy master's degree where I worked with families and their kids. For a number of years, I have a professional career in human resources, so I'm used to managing crises and situations with people all the time. I found that this is translated very nicely to my eldercare consulting business because they're too, I'm working with families with kids and now focusing on the aging adult. And so I would like to help you have some relief and some answers, and that's what life changes do. So we help figure out what's going right for you and your loved one and what areas need to be short up. We provide expertise in these areas. It's overwhelming the number of resources that are out there - Who do you go to? What are the questions you need to be asking? How do you manage that? And then if you're a distance caregiver, you have a whole another issue. You're not even on-site to do that and you need someone you can trust.

When we started with my mom, she lived in Reno, Nevada and one of the best things that we did was work with a care manager there because going to the doctor with your mom on the cell phone is not rewarding to anybody. It was frustrating and confusing and really provided no value. But by having a care manager, we were able to talk with a care manager before that appointment. What kinds of things needed to be discussed with the doctor. What answers were we looking for from the doctor and then have a professional who is trained in these areas to go with mom and help her through that appointment to be her advocate and then to communicate back with us about the kinds of things that we needed to know and to be doing. We'd like to be able to do that for you. We didn't know what the resources were in that out-of-state area. Who do you go to? How do you find? Who do you know how to trust? You need somebody on the spot who knows who the resources are. Who the good companies are to go with and those that you might want to shy away from as well, as having someone face to face with your parents - that meant the world to my mom. She loved her care manager in Reno and often enjoyed those visits as much with her as any of the services that she provided - that was another relationship and we would like to be able to do that for you, and your family member as well. We cover all spectrum. We can help put a care plan together based upon an assessment of its going well and what needs to be shown up. We're looking at areas from legal, financial, medical with the living situation is, and what are some of the right answers to help solve problems.

Most all of us want to stay in our home, that's really the number one response that we get from folks when they talk about what do they want their senior years to look like. Most of us want to stay in place. We want to agent place, and so as much as possible, where that makes sense - thatís what we do is we help the senior and the family members provide an environment where they can save in place, and on the other hand, not everyone feels that way. There are some huge advantages to choosing to live in independent living or assisted living. I don't know about you but the idea of having three prepared meals a day and someone cleaning my house for me can be quite attractive, as well as someone that provides activities, and a community that's right there in my own building. So depending upon what the needs are for your family member, we would work with you and that family member very closely to make sure that we were providing the right resources, the right tools at the right time. Some of the other things that we might be thinking about are you know, What are the other legal documents? What are what is the financial situation of the senior of your parent? And how can we help make sure that those tools and services are available. So we have resources in the community. We understand the systems. What it takes to connect with Medicare with Medicaid with the VA benefits. Iím frequently astounded how many people are not tapping into their VA benefits, and what one needs to do to be able to just to connect with that.

The other thing is to have someone who helps you - who understands the situation to help you with a support system. So with my background is a Marriage and Family therapist. I'm used to working with families in conflict and helping them understand a little bit better about how to hear each other, and then communicate with each other about what their needs are, and how to solve problems jointly - thatís not one way or the highway, but really, it's a collaborative effort with all members of the team - the family as the team - and what direction they want to move as a team. Of course, the senior always has the primary say in what's going on, just because we grow old and we don't make the decisions that our kids might think that we should make, doesnít mean theyíre wrong decisions. We are entitled to make the decisions that work for us, and that's important for someone to help you understand the difference between someone that has capacity, and someone that doesn't have capacity and not to overreach. I mean, we wouldn't want our kids reaching out and making decisions for us about where we were gonna relocate, what jobs we were gonna take. We need to be very respectful of our seniors as well and help them make good decisions, not overtake and make those decisions for them. So I would love to have an opportunity to talk with you and to provide some support and services for you. If you'd like to get in touch with me, please, you're welcome to go to my website., or you can get a hold of me via the phone area code (208) 321-4456. Thank you so much.

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