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Independent Elder Care Consultant by Katherine Watson (2022)

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Katherine: Hi, I'm Katherine Watson. I'm an independent Elder Care consultant and life coach, and my job is to help people help families figure out the next steps of what they need to do for the care and living arrangements for an elderly loved one.

Usually, Iím working with adult children who are caring for an aging parent, and suddenly things have changed, and they may have gotten ill. They may have had a fall. Something has happened, and now the children realize that mom or dad cannot live completely alone, but they're not quite sure what to do next. Because I'm independent, I am not affiliated with any companies here in the greater Houston area, so that gives me a lot of leeway. I'm able to speak freely to you. I know a lot about this industry. What I don't know - I usually know somebody who can help you with that particular issue that you may be having, so I'm a resource that can help you figure out the next step. So I'll give you good, honest answers and opinions. I'll tell you what I've seen out there. I go out and visit many facilities. I develop relationships with people in all areas of the service industry. I know what's available, what cost are, where there's something in your neighborhood, and mostly I can help you figure it out what it is you really need because there's a lot of different choices for senior living and senior care. And there's everything from Alzheimer's care and dementia memory care places to personal care homes or small assistant living, large assistant living home care home health. It's also confusing when you're just getting thrown into this. I'm here as your coach and as your consultant to help you make those decisions, and find out what's going to be the best for your family situation.

There's no one right answer for everybody. We're all different. We all have different challenges that we're dealing with, and every family has a unique situation. So, I use a three-step process to help you get to the heart of the matter. Figure it out. Look at the different options and then basically figure out where to start with and what's the next step. I've also developed many relationships in the industry and can help you find an elder care attorney or a geriatric care manager or somebody else that you may need to help you on this journey. Again, my name is Katherine Watson. I'm with five Houston senior care and the website is there. If you want to do your own search, that's fine. You don't have to use my services, but for those of you who feel like they need a little edge to help and hand-holding along the way, I'm here, just give me a call. Katherine Watson, find assistance in your care.

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