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Free Advice - What If You Can't Afford An Assisted Living? (2022)

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Kris: Hey, guys. Today, Im gonna talk to you about a case study. This is a question I brought my attention together, definitely would be helpful for a lot of you folks who are maybe in a similar situation as this particular case that he was.

So hey, my name is Kris Chana. Im the owner of Chelsea Police Senior Care, and today we're on Senior Source TV, and so what I wanted to speak with you guys about caring for her mom currently they both living in their home together, all under one roof, but she is unable to care for her 24/7 365 like she has been, and she was looking for, you know - "What are my options for my mom?" "You know, when it comes to assisted living, what are my options?". Her budget right now is - was the other day we had a lady reached out to us. It was a daughter. She has $1800 a month - that's all she has per month. You know to live, and so what are you doing this situation like that? Because if you look at the average cost of assisted living in the state of Florida and is not paid for by Medicare. But the average cost is somewhere between $3150 to $3600 for the entire US so somewhere in that ballpark, you're gonna find that's going to be your average cost of an assisted living facility. That doesn't mean it's the best assistance in the facility. That doesn't mean that that's going to be the range, and you're going to find - you might find places that are $4000 and up. You know, $5000 or $6000. You know, it's really gonna depend on your area, your market, but the reality of it is if you take an average cost of assisted living facility or somewhere between that $3000 to $3600 range per month.

So with an $1800 month budget, it's how you gonna pay for that, how are you going to pay for or find your mom or your loved one and assisted living facilities? So in this case, what we typically - what I like to do is walk families through two options at least once we go through these two options. It gives us the ability to still use assisted living as an option as a long-term option. but we have to kind of go through a qualifying process. So first, we'll take him through. Do they qualify for the VA Aid and Attendance and you have to think about, you know, so for instance, in this case. Right here, it's the mother, so more than likely it'll be a surviving spouse of a veteran that'll be the qualifier. You know, is this person a surviving special veteran during the wartime periods, which we talk a little bit more in-depth about in another video. But if that person qualified in the wartime period and they qualify from a monetary and from the type of care that they need standpoint, then that surviving spouse of a veteran could receive up to $1209 per month. That cost could go to cover the cost of an assisted living facility is paid directly to the individual, and then the individual can use that money to pay, this is the living facility.

So now all of a sudden, you go from, you know, a base monthly. You know, budget of $1800 a month. You take that twelve o nine, You can add that on top of there, now you're getting closer to $3000 a month, and if you care for your mom, and at this point in time, you know. Hey, her care should be taken care of around that price point, and then I might have to chip in a little bit, but at least I know I can help her find an assisted living facility, and this can be an affordable way to do that.

Now, the VA Aid and Attendance is accepted by all of us because it's not up to the ALF to accept the aim intendants or not. It's really up to the family to figure out whether or not they can qualify from a monetary from a care, and I want to standpoint now as the assisted living facility. We would be able to fill out paperwork on your behalf for this is the living facility and regards to the cost of the type of care that we provide for that person between that and a physician. You know, a physician paper that's filled out, and then the actual application itself, you know, working with your local VA office is going to be the best way to figure out just to get my loved one qualified. So go to a local veteran services office in your area, reach out to the local VA person, find out - hey, does my mom qualify for be VA Aid and Attendance, and if so, you know, what are the qualifying factors, what kind of care you know this, does he need help with, you, know, what's the wartime period. You know they'll help you with all of these different things. They'll walk you through that process. They'll walk you through the application process. They'll make sure that you have the information that you need to see if you qualify for VA Aid and Attendance now, if your mom or your dad or your loved one does not qualify for VA Aid and Attendance, another alternative could be statewide Medicaid Managed Care.

Now, this is applicable to the state of Florida here. what could happen is that person didn't qualify for VA Aid and Attendance. They can potentially qualify for this benefit. you would have to reach out to your local to bring your area agency on aging to kind of reach out to them. They are going to go through kind of a care process or if you go to a statewide There's gonna be a 1-800 number that will connect you to the Tallahassee to the state level, but you're going to go through again a financial and a type of care. You know, kind of qualifying process if you Medicaid meet those two needs, you'll typically put on a waitlist, and then once you're on that waitlist, then at some point in time now they've sped up the amount of time it takes to actually go through the way this process. However, what will happen is you'll actually get a sign or you'll pick an insurance company like a Humana or Sunshine. You'll pick an insurance company like that which would be a managed care organization and that managed care organization will now contract with certain assisted living facilities. So you and you're not every assisted living facility will be in contract with a managed Medicaid managed care organization, but those that are in contract with a Medicaid managed care organization.

We - those folks would then be able to work with that local insurance company that you get that you decide to go work with once you qualify for this program, and you can receive an additional $900 to $1150 a month to go towards that cost of the assisted living care. So again, these are just typically the first two steps that we take after we've talked to a family that maybe has an income level that you know is kind of in-between. You know, skill nursing long-term care where it's paid fully by Medicaid, and then maybe you're a traditional private pay assisted living person. You know, you kind of fall in this income gap, where you know, how do we pay for this care because they don't need a skilled nursing facility yet. I don't want to see my loved one in a, you know, in that kind of institutional setting, I would love to see them and assisted living facilities and how do we make that work. This is a great way to start with the VA Aid and Attendance. Let's see if that person qualifies if they do, that's a great benefit, if they don't, let's look at the Medicaid managed care program. Let's see if they qualify for that, if they don't, then we have another alternative, but for the sake of at least trying to see if we can make assisted living work. These would be the first two steps to take in that process, so I hope this was helpful for those that are in need of this, but I think this is just a great way for us to share, and it kind of insight by taking you folks through some case studies of real life examples that we've blocked through.

So if you have any questions and in your concern or you're confused about this whole process, please don't hesitate to give us a call 941-67777-2333. That's our senior care expert hotline. We're here to help. We want to walk you through this process, help you and find local senior resources in your area and make sure that we can. We can kind of like you just help take the complexity out of this whole, like carrying and senior care world, because it is complicated and we want to make it easy for you. And by the way, if you like this shirt. Hey, give me a like, give me a comment, subscribe to our Youtube page. We'd love to hear from you if you have other questions, let us know. We're here to help, and now we just thank you so much for your support. Have a fantastic day.

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