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Elder Care Consulting LLC (2022)

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Narrator: Navigating the maze of care options for aging parents can prove to be a difficult task. And elder care services, our three fully integrated companies, senior moments, eldercare associates, and eldercare consulting will help you find the best care choice for your parents. From adult daycare to in-home care to consultation with families. We provide support through transitions of care, including hospitalizations, rehab stays and returning home with a caring staff trained to help along the continuum of care from in-home caregivers and aging life care professionals to recreation professionals and nurses.

Lori: We really care about the people that we take care of. We're there to help you. We're there to counsel. Were there to help your family members so that you can get relief from the caregiving.

Narrator: Adult daycare centers are part of the therapeutic treatment at senior moments. We provide stimulation and improve the quality of life for the client while providing respite and renewal for the family. When additional care is needed in the home, we have well-trained home health aids available for errands, personal care and companionship from 2 to 24 hours a day.

Interviewee 1: Gives you a good feeling that you know that your loved one is in a safe place, and we'll be getting the best care that you could possibly give as good as care you can give.

Interviewee 2: On Saturdays, we have somebody that comes in from eldercare services from 1:00 to 8:00 till the evening person comes in, and it's just nice there. The girl is very attached to her aunt and so it's like a friend coming in.

Interviewee 3: After forty-four years of marriage, you know you still wanted to have the best there is.

Narrator: Our aging life care professionals are advocates for our clients and families. First, we provide a comprehensive in-home assessment to create an individualized plan of care. This plan will become a map for you and your family to follow as the disease or condition progresses.

Interviewee 3: Its really nice to know that there is an organization that you trust that can come and take care of him and help him without having to look around, and get a lot of feedback. I'm already comfortable with the organization, and I trust them, and that's huge, having a stranger come into my house, when I'm not there, I need that trust.

Erin: Some folks just use our aid services with Elder Care Associates. Some just have geriatric care management with Elder Care Consulting, and some just come to senior moments because they need a day away.

Lori: We provide oversight of care. We provide care plans. We help families make difficult decisions about their care, so it's not just one aspect of the care we can provide many, many aspects of the care.

Narrator: Geriatric assessments, home health care services, adult day care, family and caregiver resources care coordination, and assistance through transitions. Our experienced caring team will guide you through the maze of options available to help your loved one age gracefully and with dignity. Elder Care Consulting, Elder Care Associates, and senior moments. Three companies with one goal to provide the best possible care to your aging loved ones.

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