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Elder Care Consultant Pamela D in Temecula (2022)

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PAMELA: What does an elder care consultant do, elder care consultants are known by many different terms, Care manager, geriatric care manager, Senior care expert.  Counselor on aging expert Senior care advisor an experienced elder care consultant is similar to a CPA accountant, attorney, Financial planner or a Doctor. many have advanced education and in-depth experience to advise clients on specific topics. In the case of elder care this means anything from medicare or medic aid to paying for hone care. caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's or other health issues and more. I'm Pamela D. Wilson I help you sort through the maze of healthcare and caregiving decisions so that you can understand care options assess situations identify the consequences of decisions  and create a care plan for loved ones my clients range from new caregivers to those who have been caring for aging parents for years. In addition to groups and corporate clients. whether you are trying to balance the pros and cons of the benefits offered by care communities, manage legal responsibilities or solve family disagreements about what's best for aging parents or a spouse. I can help 20 years of working in the aging and care industry has given me rare experience, As a result of my roles of a care manager, medical and financial power of attorney, Personal representative of the estate court appointed guardian and trustee, The decisions I made for my clients are many of the decisions I help you make today. Instead of feeling overwhelmed not having enough information or worrying of you are making the right decision, Schedule and appointment with me the more you know about the options available as early as possible in the care situation. The more choices you and your loved ones will have about who will provide care, where care will be provided and who will pay for care. 

I'm Pamela D Wilson caregiving expert, advocate and speaker. If you're interested in meeting with me. Complete form on this page and I will contact you. 

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