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Assisted Living Consultant Steve Mcoy in Temecula (2022)

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Hi, I'm Steve McCoy, HSi Senior Healthcare Consultant. I want to talk to you today about how an HSI consultant brings value to their client.

First of all, I want to talk about listen. When we arrive at a client site, the first thing we do is listen, because we want to be careful to assess our client needs and requirements to better determine what they need and to bring value.

The other thing is we bring, experience. HSi only hires consultants that are experts in their field and this ensures the best results for our customers. We also provide the right resource at the right time. Consulting friends of mine from other companies have mentioned times that they've been sent to a client site only to get there to realize that their skills do not match the task at hand. This is frustrating for those consultants, but more importantly, this is not fair to the client. We also believe in mentoring. It's important that we go in and mentor the client's staff to teach them to operate independently but also benefit from our experience. Integrity is also important to us. We believe just simply in doing the right thing all of the time. We also believe in seeking new ways to add value. We're always happy to share our experience and lessons learned from past engagements to better serve our customers.

The last of all, let's speak about relationships. It's important to us that we build and maintain relationships to be able to take the time to listen and really understand what our client needs are and to best serve them. So please check out our website and give us a call.

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