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A Right Place For Seniors Eileen Piersa - Inland Empire (2022)

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Eileen Pierce: I'm Eileen Pierce. I'm here at the Aging Expo in order to share what we do at A Right Place for Seniors.

Interviewer: Exactly what does The Right Place for Seniors do?

Eileen Pierce: What A Right Place for Seniors does is that it helps seniors and their families find the best place for seniors to go when they can no longer live. One scenario is when they can no longer live on their own. So we help them find the best boarding care home, memory care, assisted living, or sometimes even independent living. And sometimes people are looking proactively and saying: Gee, I think we want to get into a fun community and a place where we can really enjoy our years. So maybe they're looking for something more like assisted living or independent living. So we help them with anything that they want.

Interviewer: And what does that mean? How do you help them?

Eileen Pierce: So when they come to us, we sit with them and we talk about what's your budget, what are your needs, what's important to you, what hobbies do you have, what things you want to be involved in or you or your loved one? And then we go out and look at places for them first. So we do all the footwork. We save the stress. Now, sometimes people need to find a placement within days, and sometimes people have more time. We go preview. We make sure that the places that we take them to fit what their needs are and fit their budget. And then we take them through the top choices. And again, we tour with them so that we're able to help them ask the right questions, maybe help them negotiate what the final pricing is. All of that.

Interviewer: Sounds like a wonderful service. It also sounds expensive.

Eileen Pierce: Not at all. It does not cost the family or the individual anything. We get paid a fee for placement by the facility that we place in. So we're basically a marketing arm to that organization. But the family, it's all free.

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