Geriatric Care Management



I can guide you and your family through the confusing and overwhelming world of elder and health care by providing consultation and  assessments specific to your needs. This work may include various screens from my assessment toolbox, care plan development, dementia care recommendations, clarity sessions or family meetings. This service is available in the Fort Collins and Loveland Colorado area.

Additional Ways I Can Help

Age in Place assess needs and coordinate services needed to maintain current living environment. Educate regarding specific services available and how to get those services in place. Anticipate future needs and strategize interventions to get those needs met.

Transitions– assist families evaluate and select appropriate level of housing or retirement options and assist with the move coordination and transition to a new home. We can shop together and I can facilitate the admission process for you.

Medical Management – facilitate communication between doctor, client, family and other health care providers such as physical and occupational therapists.  I can also monitor your aging parent’s adherence to medical orders and instruction: strategize interventions if necessary.

Long Distance Liaison – I can be your eyes and ears by providing you with feedback from assessments, doctor’s visits and other health care providers giving you a general idea of the severity of the situation. I can also help you problem solve ways to time your long distance visits.

The fee for this service is $95 an hour and IS NOT paid for by Medicare, Medicaid or insurance. I’ll spend a little time with you via phone and together we’ll establish a  budget and time frame up front before you commit to working with me. You must purchase a minimum of 3 hours  to be admitted to my case load and have direct access to me.

If you’re looking for advice and clarity around your elderly parent’ situation OR you live outside my care management service area, a Confident Caregiver Coaching Package is your best option!

Call me @ (970)699-5159 or e-mail me at and I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

My Elder Care Consultant

LuAnn Smith is a geriatric care manager, blogger, public speaker and consultant. She provides an array of services designed to assist aging families and the organizations that care for them. She provides services and information to empower both individuals and businesses to be the best they can be for the older adults in their care.

Please note: I love to hear from my readers; your comments, advice and tips could help someone else struggling to care for an elderly parent. I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Thank you for understanding!