Are You a Caregiver Dealing with a Narcissistic Elderly Parent?

Do you cringe every time the phone rings for fear it’s your elderly parent? Does your elderly parent refuse to accept the fact they need help; despite the evidence piling up around them? Worse yet, do they create unrealistic expectations that send you on a guilt trip, when you “let them down”. If so, you […]

10 Ways to Survive the Holiday Season With Your Elderly Parent!

Do you struggle with your elderly parent during the holidays? There are plenty of ways to ensure you have a calm and peaceful season with your mom or dad, that don’t include pharmacutical interventions (for you or them). This eight week stretch between Thanksgiving and New Years is the most stressful time of the year […]

Nursing Home Neglect? Call This Community Resource!

Is your elderly parent receiving poor care in a nursing home or assisted living community? Are you sick and tired of  your complaints falling on deaf ears? In each and every care community in this country, an advocate is assigned to help residents resolve problems and  improve quality of life. You need to know about […]

Are You a Caregiver Worried About Finances? 6 Ways to Ease Your Burden!

Caring for an elderly parent can take a financial toll on baby boomers and put your own retirement at risk.  If you’ve retired early or quit a job to care for your elderly parent you may be starting to feel the financial pinch. Your savings account starts to dwindle and you worry about the future […]

7 Simple Things That Can Make You a Better Caregiver!

Caregivers come in all shapes and sizes… Some are family members; some are not. Some provide care 24 hours a day; some worry from a distance. Some are paid; some are not. Regardless of your shape or size as a caregiver, there are days you feel like you’re at the end of your rope. For […]

Elder Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation? Call This Community Resource!

Are you worried about an elderly parent or older adult you feel is being mistreated, exploited or abused? Is worry over your elderly parent’s ability to take care of themselves or their living conditions keeping you up at night? If so, consider using this resource… Every county in America has an Adult Protective Services (APS)  […]

Consider this Before Moving Your Elderly Parent Across Country!

When you live long distance from your elderly parents, the miles keep you from helping and the worry keeps you up at night. For many aging families,  moving elders closer to adult children can be a tremendous relief. This is a trend I’m seeing more and more in my geriatric care management practice here in […]

5 Things to Consider During Medicare Open Enrollment

Each year at this time older adults participating in Medicare drug plans can switch their plan. The open enrollment period lasts between October 15th and December 7th.  Any changes that you make become effective January 1. By now, information from your mom or dad’s current drug plan should have arrived informing them of changes in […]

Know Your Resources; Area Agency on Aging!

Welcome to Aging Parents 101: Community Resources where you’ll learn about the multitude of services both private and public available to help you help your elderly parent. Today we’re going to explore your Area Agency on Aging better known in professional circles as AAA! The Older Americans Act of 1965 helped establish an aging network […]

8 Ways to Develop The Courage You Need to Grow Old!

Courage is an amazing thing to witness in someone who’s learning to live with Alzheimer’s Disease. The courage to face the facts and plan for the day you won’t remember your family, how to dress yourself or even recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror. Can you imagine? Courage is what keeps […]