Use The Power of Empathy to Transform Your Caregiving Experience

8 Habits of Empathetic Caregivers

The power of empathy can transform the way we care for elders and the way we ourselves experience our role as caregivers. Caregiving whether professionally or for a family member can be the toughest yet most rewarding experience on earth. It’s also frustrating and exhausting. It can push you to the edge and back again. […]

3 Reasons to Join the Business of Geriatric Care Management Facebook Page

As professional geriatric care managers, we are always looking for resources to help our clients and aging families. But what about our private practice business? We should always be looking for resources to help us in business. You can’t help aging families if your business isn’t thriving yet we tend to neglect the business side […]

Know Your Resources; Area Agency on Aging!

Welcome to Aging Parents 101: Community Resources where you’ll learn about the multitude of services both private and public available to help you help your elderly parent. Today we’re going to explore your Area Agency on Aging better known in professional circles as AAA! The Older Americans Act of 1965 helped establish an aging network […]

Has Your Elderly Parent Become Your Mid-life Crisis?

How to Avoid the Crisis!

Mid-life crisis has typically been defined as a period of emotional turmoil in middle age that generally hits around the ages of 40-60. This transitional period is characterized by a strong desire for change. There’s some question as to whether mid-life inevitably equates to a mid-life crisis but we can all agree that in your […]

Worried About Elderly Parent’s Driving? Ask these questions…

Without a doubt, the decision to hand over the car keys is one of the most difficult decisions and transitions an aging family will make. It’s the one day-to-day task that is critical to an older adult’s ability to maintain their independence and without the ability to drive they become more dependent on you and […]

Can You be Old and Happy? It starts with your mid-life self…

Can you be old and happy? I asked this question of a group of seniors this week and, without hesitation, they answered a resounding YES! No doubt, happiness is a challenge late in life when you’re faced with multiple losses one after another; loss of independence, spouse, friends, home, financial status, health, memory….. The key […]

Announcing my Partnership with Covell Care and Rehabiliatation

I say it time and time again; the key to quality geriatric care management is collaboration between health care professionals. This is especially true as it pertains to the relationship between physical/occupational therapists and geriatric care managers. I believe so strongly in this relationship that I have partnered with Covell Care and Rehabilitation in Northern […]

Aging with Autonomy in the Retirement Community

You’ve made the decision to down size and move to your senior apartment or retirement community. The estate sale is complete, furniture moved in and your name is on the door. Now is the time to create a plan that will keep you in that apartment for a very long time: A plan that allows […]