Has Your Elderly Parent Become Your Midlife Crisis?

Midlife crisis has typically been defined as a period of emotional turmoil in middle age that generally hits around the ages of 40-60. This transitional period is characterized by a strong desire for change. There’s some question as to whether mid-life inevitably equates to a midlfe crisis but we can all agree that in your […]

Counseling and Geriatric Care Management; What’s the Difference?

I’m often asked about the difference between counseling and geriatric care management. In a nut shell, counseling looks at a person’s past and very specifically their emotional state of mind.  A geriatric care manager looks at assessing and coordinating geriatric or elder care services. Some geriatric care managers are clinical social workers and, while capable […]

Nursing Homes: Make the Best of it!

Admitting your aging parent in to a nursing home is a very difficult thing to do even it it’s just temporary. I’ll never forget the look on my dad’s face when he was wheeled out of an ambulance in to a nursing home for rehabilitation. I’ll most definitely not forget that horrible feeling in the […]

Aging Parents: Navigating Acute Care Hospitals!

For many, the first realization that mom or dad needs help is admission to the acute care hospital. It can be a stressful and disheartening experience for many aging families. Acute hospital settings are not designed to help you and your aging parent find long term solutions to life’s challenges. The role of the acute […]