How to Create an Enrollment Packet for Your Geriatric Care Management Business

Build Trust by Making it Client Focused!

create enrollment packet geriatric care management business

Are you struggling to create an enrollment packet for your geriatric care management practice? In today’s article, I want to discuss how to create an enrollment packet that not only meets the legal requirements for your business but also helps you start to build a foundation of trust. All businesses need to establish trust with […]

How to Compete Against FREE Geriatric Care Management Services

geriatric care management competition business development

  Competing against FREE geriatric care management services is probably the biggest strategic challenge you face in a private practice. The perception that the free hospital based care manager or the care coordinator embedded with a physician’s office is the same as a fee-for-service geriatric care manger is so off base it’s not even funny. […]

9 Reasons to Conduct a Feasibility Study Before You Open a Geriatric Care Management Practice

geriatric care management business development

  Are you considering opening a geriatric care management practice? I can’t tell you how many calls I get from overwhelmed and frustrated health care professionals wanting to know how to start a geriatric care management practice. My response is always the same. Have you completed a feasibility study? And yes, I’m often met with […]

Gain the Confidence You Need to Quit Your Day Job and Start Your Geriatric Care Management Practice

Thinking of starting a geriatric care management private practice? This post helps you get clear on why you want to be self-employed and what your business vision is. The prospect of quitting your job, hanging out your shingle and flying solo can be overwhelming. Yet the idea nags at you until you find yourself day […]

Confused About Starting a Geriatric Care Management Practice? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Part of my mission is to provide knowledge and insight in to the private practice world of helping older adults and their families. I specialize in the practice of geriatric care management and I talk to health care professionals weekly interested in starting a private practice business. The conversation generally goes like this… I’m a […]

The Key to Elder Care Business Success? Healthy boundaries…

8 Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries in Your Private Practice!

When you own a professional private practice or elder care business, the lines between home and work can become very blurred. We’re constantly looking at our phones, checking e-mails and returning phone calls. When you’re in the business of caring for vulnerable aging families, there IS ALWAYS more work to be done. Clients in crisis, […]

Are you struggling to convert your inquiries in to paying clients? Use my 3 step process!

Struggling with giving too much of your time away during the inquiry process? Have you worked your tail off to create a referral stream only to struggle with converting those referrals to paying clients? As helping professionals (nurses, social workers, geriatric care managers, aging life care professionals, coaches, consultants), we are hyper-senstitive to the needs […]

How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams for Your Private Practice.

Geriatric Care Managers, Aging Life Care Professionals, Nurses, Social Workers, Therapists and Helping Professionals...

Any helping practitioner in private practice will tell you that one of the biggest challenges they face is managing the ebb and flow associated with chasing the billable hour. Whether you’re a geriatric care manager, counselor, life coach, physical, occupational or massage therapist, (insert any helping professional), there are times the cash doesn’t flow and […]

3 Reasons to Join the Business of Geriatric Care Management Facebook Page

As professional geriatric care managers, we are always looking for resources to help our clients and aging families. But what about our private practice business? We should always be looking for resources to help us in business. You can’t help aging families if your business isn’t thriving yet we tend to neglect the business side […]

5 Reasons Nurses and Social Workers Make Awesome Elder Care Entrepreneurs!

In America, we have lost trust in government and big business; yet both play a significant role in our current elder and health care delivery system. When my clients enter the health care system at the acute care hospital, skilled nursing or in-patient rehabilitation phase, they are lost in the shuffle. My clients feel that […]