How to Assess Your Elderly Parent’s Daily Needs!

Are you starting to worry about your elderly parent? Are you a full time caregiver being told by others it’s time for a transition to assisted living? Are you and your siblings at odds about the best course of action for your elderly parent? Regardless of your particular situation, explore specific areas of your mom […]

Nursing Home Neglect? Call This Community Resource!

Is your elderly parent receiving poor care in a nursing home or assisted living community? Are you sick and tired of  your complaints falling on deaf ears? In each and every care community in this country, an advocate is assigned to help residents resolve problems and  improve quality of life. You need to know about […]

Elder Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation? Call This Community Resource!

Are you worried about an elderly parent or older adult you feel is being mistreated, exploited or abused? Is worry over your elderly parent’s ability to take care of themselves or their living conditions keeping you up at night? If so, consider using this resource… Every county in America has an Adult Protective Services (APS)  […]

7 Things to Consider Before Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan!

I’m often asked about the pros and cons of Medicare Advantage Plans. Believe it or not back in the day, when I lived in Southern California, I use to be a sales rep for a Medicare  HMO so while I wouldn’t considerer myself an expert on the subject I do know a thing or two […]

5 Things to Consider During Medicare Open Enrollment

Each year at this time older adults participating in Medicare drug plans can switch their plan. The open enrollment period lasts between October 15th and December 7th.  Any changes that you make become effective January 1. By now, information from your mom or dad’s current drug plan should have arrived informing them of changes in […]

How To Pay For A Nursing Home!

The nursing home decision is never easy and often times the financial barriers can create stress and chaos for aging families. I know in our local area it’s not uncommon for the care communities to require you have many months, if not years, worth of private funds before they will accept you as a “Medicaid” […]

What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care? Let’s Talk About It!

As a geriatric care manager, I’m often asked this question. I spend a lot of time assessing, educating and facilitating conversations about which is the best fit for my clients. There are times when it’s very clear which level of care community is the best fit but seldom is this an easy conversation! Is your […]

Gain the Condidence You Need to Help Your Elderly Parent Navigate the Health Care System!

You'll Need More Than a Map and Compass...

Health Care Navigation and how best to help our elderly parents traverse the confusing world of health care is an issue we all have to deal with eventually. Like it or not! We don’t usually worry about health care navigation until we get that call from the hospital emergency room or we’re setting in an […]

Transition to Senior Living Not Going Well? Don’t Give Up!

I wrote earlier this week about how difficult it can be adjusting to a senior living community and being the old new kid on the block. As a geriatric care manager, families often turn to me for help with this issue so I want to share with you the professional resources I turn to for […]

Being The New Old Kid On The Block is Never Easy

As a geriatric care manager, I’m often called in to help aging families struggling to find a way to help mom or dad transition to their new senior living community or independent living apartment. Older adults can transition to senior living and find a sense of peace and happiness but it’s not always easy. As […]