Caregiver Coaching



A caregiver coaching session is about where to start, which questions to ask and how to find help!

In a single session, I can help you get clear on what your elderly parent needs and the best way to start getting those needs met. All too often, you waste time calling the wrong resources and asking the wrong questions. Navigating the health and elder care system for your elderly parent is frustrating and overwhelming.

I  can help you with…

  • Caregiver burnout and boundary setting.
  • Navigating the health care system especially discharge planning from the hospital and nursing homes.
  • Understanding what specific help your elderly parent needs and the best way for you to get that help.
  • Dementia care consultation and education.
  • Organizing the chaos and help triage the critical issues that need to be addressed first.
  • Understanding your role in their life and the best way to approach helping your mom or dad.
  • Personal Education regarding nursing home and assisted living transitions.
  • Personal Education and consult on which level of care is a best fit.
  • Help coping with and strategizing ways to help a stubborn elderly parent.
  • Making the tough decisions about end-of-life care.
  • Help coping with a toxic parent and strategies for setting healthy boundaries.

The truth is there is plenty of information out there on how to help your elderly parents but I make it personal for you and your family. A solution that is unique for you and your elderly parent(s) is the best solution for you.

Your Caregiver Coaching session comes with my D.I.Y. Assessment Guide to help you get clear on specific needs and understand what I’m looking at when I assess clients. It’s an instant download and when completed saves us a bunch of time and starts the process of gaining clarity immediately.

Here’s how a Caregiver Coaching Session works…

You can purchase your session here or send me an email @ and let me know you’re ready to purchase. You purchase, receive your D.I.Y assessment package and we schedule your session.

It’s fast, productive and will provide you with the clarity you need to move forward. You’ll have a mini-plan including specific resources to call and practical advice about how to care for your elderly parents.

If you have questions about my caregiver coaching sessions, call me at (970) 699-5159 or feel free to e-mail me at

For more information about me and how I can help; go to my about page!

My Elder Care Consultant

LuAnn Smith is a geriatric care manager, blogger, public speaker and consultant. She provides an array of services designed to assist aging families and the organizations that care for them. She provides services and information to empower both individuals and businesses to be the best they can be for the older adults in their care.

Please note: I love to hear from my readers; your comments, advice and tips could help someone else struggling to care for an elderly parent. I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Thank you for understanding!