Family Caregivers, I Need Your Input!

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As a family caregiver of an older adult, you will interact with physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, direct care workers and others.

You will serve as the key information source for your loved one. Social histories, medications, previous treatments and surgeries, care routines, advanced directives, day to day needs, dementia behaviors and financial resources are things you’ll be asked about over and over again.

You’ll interact with home care agencies, hospitals, physician offices, pharmacies, assisted living communities and nursing homes. Time and time again you’ll be asked to facilitate tough decisions and be the family peace maker. It’s all pretty exhausting!

But what if you were taught to think and process your elderly parent’s situation like a geriatric care manager?

Studies indicate that access to care management may delay an older adult’s institutionalization and reduce re-hospitalization. We’ve known, for some time, that geriatric care managers reduce family stress, as well as improve quality of life and relationships.

Sadly, few caregivers and adult children have access to such services.

I’m on a mission to change that. As a geriatric care manager with well over 35 years of experience in elder care, I want adult children and caregivers to know what I know!

I’m in the process of creating e-courses, e-books and other educational materials that will put the information you need to care for your elderly parents at your fingertips.

BUT I want to get it right so I’m asking for your help. If you could take a minute or so and complete my survey, you can help me design educational programs for the busy caregiver and adult child of elderly parents.

Click on the feedback button below to start your survey. It should only take a minute or so.

I appreciate you help!


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My Elder Care Consultant

LuAnn Smith is a geriatric care manager, blogger, public speaker and consultant. She provides an array of services designed to assist aging families and the organizations that care for them. She provides services and information to empower both individuals and businesses to be the best they can be for the older adults in their care.