How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams for Your Private Practice.

Geriatric Care Managers, Aging Life Care Professionals, Nurses, Social Workers, Therapists and Helping Professionals...

Any helping practitioner in private practice will tell you that one of the biggest challenges they face is managing the ebb and flow associated with chasing the billable hour. Whether you’re a geriatric care manager, counselor, life coach, physical, occupational or massage therapist, (insert any helping professional), there are times the cash doesn’t flow and […]

3 Reasons to Join the Business of Geriatric Care Management Facebook Page

As professional geriatric care managers, we are always looking for resources to help our clients and aging families. But what about our private practice business? We should always be looking for resources to help us in business. You can’t help aging families if your business isn’t thriving yet we tend to neglect the business side […]

5 Reasons Nurses and Social Workers Make Awesome Elder Care Entrepreneurs!

In America, we have lost trust in government and big business; yet both play a significant role in our current elder and health care delivery system. When my clients enter the health care system at the acute care hospital, skilled nursing or in-patient rehabilitation phase, they are lost in the shuffle. My clients feel that […]

20 Questions Every Caregiver Should Ask Themselves Today!

I’m always amazed at the sacrifices caregivers make for their elderly parents. To witness it day in and day out and to be able to help those caregivers is something I’m truly grateful for. All too often, I find my family caregivers (usually daughters) so concerned about their elderly mom or dad that they have […]

6 Things to Consider Before You Quit Your Job to Care for an Elderly Parent!

When you notice for the first time that your elderly parent needs help, your natural instincts are to be there for them not matter what. Perhaps the missed work and the stress of balancing it all has you fantasizing about becoming their full time caregiver. If so, I recommend you take a deep breath and […]

Are You Dreaming of Starting a Geriatric Care Management Practice? Avoid These Common Mistakes!

Many social workers, nurses and human services professionals are filling a need in the senior market for advocacy, care planning, care coordination and health care navigation by opening businesses in geriatric care management. A business dedicated to helping adult children and their elderly parents. It’s exciting and I would love to see more care managers […]

Are You a Caregiver Dealing with a Narcissistic Elderly Parent? 7 Ways to Survive!

Do you cringe every time the phone rings for fear it’s your elderly parent? Does your elderly parent refuse to accept the fact they need help; despite the evidence piling up around them? Worse yet, do they create unrealistic expectations that send you on a guilt trip, when you “let them down”. If so, you […]

How to Increase Referrals to Your Geriatric Care Management Business

The number one way geriatric care management businesses are built is by referrals. Not advertising, not social media but referrals. The old fashioned way; word of mouth! I recommend you consider how you’ll build your referral base before you open your business. If you’ve already opened, make creating a referral base a priority. A referral […]

I’m excited to be presenting my Cultivating your Courage class in February at the local Senior Center.

Date: February 12, 2015
Time: 10:00-11:30 a.m.
Event: Community Workshop
Topic: Cultivate Your Courage to Grow Old!
Venue: Fort Collins Senior Center
Location: 1200 Raintree Dr
Fort Collins, Colorado 80526
Public: Public
More Info: Click here for more information.

10 Ways to Survive the Holiday Season With Your Elderly Parent!

Do you struggle with your elderly parent during the holidays? There are plenty of ways to ensure you have a calm and peaceful season with your mom or dad, that don’t include pharmacutical interventions (for you or them). This eight week stretch between Thanksgiving and New Years is the most stressful time of the year […]